Hidden Cash Twitter Trend Arrives In The Ozarks

CREATED Jun 17, 2014

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Get the latest updates, hints, and more from the #HiddenCash417 craze that is sweeping the Ozarks by bookmarking this page, best of Twitter account needed!




Third #HiddenCash417 Winner 

Second #HiddenCash417 Winner




A trend that has been sweeping major cities across the country has finally arrived in Springfield. Anonymous donors hide envelopes with money across the town and then give out clues via social media.

A new Twitter account appeared over the weekend called @HiddenCash417. By Monday morning it had dropped a hint as to wear the first Springfield envelope was hidden.

Less than an hour after the second hint was released, Journal Broadcast Group Springfield employee Chase Snider announced that he had found it at McDaniel Park.

The envelope with money hidden inside encourages whomever finds it to "#PayItForward". 

More hidden envelopes are expected according to the page. Follow @HiddenCash417 on Twitter for clues as to where they may appear.