Operation: Paintball Warrior 2014

CREATED Aug 6, 2014

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It's time for the 8th annual Operation: Paintball Warrior, on Saturday, September 27th, at Paintball Outpost thanks to Skidsteer Plus Landclearing.

Join 104.1 KSGF on Saturday, September 27th at 7:30am for a full day of paintball fun to raise money for the Springfield Disabled American Veterans (DAV) who help transport disabled veterans for free to the VA clinics and hospitals in the Ozarks.

Pre-Registered Players:
Check in for all pre-registered players begins at 7:30am at Paintball Outpost- 310 N. Karnage Lane, Springfield, MO (1-44 & Chestnut Exp).  Click here for a map!  The games will begin roughly between 8-8:30am. Please be there as early as possible so we don't have to wait on you!

Un-Registered Players:

  • The game is currently sold out however you may still be able to play. If you have not pre-registered for the event you are not guaranteed that you will be able to play. It all depends on the amount of equipment remaining.
  • Please arrive at 7:30am
  • You will be required at that time to stand in a separate line to fill out a registration form & liability wavor.
  • After all pre-registered players have checked in, we will then begin adding players to each team based on availability. You will not be able to pick your team at this time. We will fill in as needed. So, this means you will not be able to play on the same team as a friend. Sorry.
  • It will be first in line, first served. (If you have your own paintball equipment, including Co2 tank, you will have a higher chance of being able to play in the games.)
  • If we find a spot on a team for you- you will required at that time to pay $55 cash for your pay at the door registration fee. 

Game Day:
All players who participate in Operation: Paintball Warrior 2014 will receive a free long-sleeve t-shirt thanks to Bluedog Graphix.  (Color of shirt correlates with the team you will be assigned to. Player will be required to wear the shirt during the games.)

In addition, breakfast will be provided for FREE by Bric's Belgian Waffle & Pancake House, lunch will be provided by Richard's Hawgwild in Aurora, and drinks will be provided by Don Carriker at I Want a Great Home Loan.com

If you would like to bring you own drinks, coolers are acceptable. There will also be additional beverages for purchase at Paintball Outpost. Alcohol is not permitted and you will be removed from the game if you are suspected of bringing in any alcoholic beverage or drugs.  No glass bottles are allowed.

All 7 teams will play round-robin games of capture the flag. Each game will be 10 minutes in length and a list of the games will be posted at each teams headquarters the day of the event. (The bracket will not be posted prior to the day of the event.)

When you sign up to participate, that will include your gun rental, Co2 thanks to
Paintball Outpost, and 1,000 free paintballs thanks to A-1 Custom Muffler & Brake. If you have your own paintball gun and/or equipment you are strongly encouraged to bring it however, all guns will be regulated the day of the event for equal pressure. Additional paintballs can be purchased at Paintball Outpost. $18.00 for 500 rounds and $55 for 2,000 rounds.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact: Kortni Tucker at: kwilliams@ksgf.com or 417-447-1628

Team Rosters:

Air Force
sponsored by:
Mikes Unique

Player 1: James Watson Player 9: Matt Poe
Player 2: Wesley Watson Player 10: Simon Poe
Player 3: Derek Conti Player 11: Ian Poe
Player 4: Kyra Oliveria Player 12: Brandon Gates
Player 5: Devan Linch Player 13: Ryan Reed
Player 6: Isaac Foster Player 14: Andrew Schauer
Player 7: Luke Young Player 15: Ryan Hinkston
Player 8: Andrew Poe  


Army Aplha
sponsored by:
Collins Oral Surgery
Player 1: Lesia Hessee Player 9: Aaron Ruble
Player 2: Jeff Hessee Player 10: Edward Ruble
Player 3: Lesia Hessee Player 11: Williams Brennen
Player 4: Lesia Hessee Player 12: Evan Singer
Player 5: Jeremiah Gathright Player 13: Wesley Severns
Player 6: Aaron Anderson Player 14: Shane Severns
Player 7: Brionna Way Player 15: Shane Mchaffie
Player 8: Joseph Way  


Army Bravo
sponsored by:
Delta Roofing
Player 1: Rease Rudick Player 9: Dylan Groves
Player 2: Gage Rudick Player 10: Anton Goodfriend
Player 3: Clinton Scanlon Player 11: Tiffany Goodfriend
Player 4: Jackson Scanlon Player 12: Austin Sundet
Player 5: Derrick Smith Player 13: Donald Marriott
Player 6: James Webb Player 14: Lisa Marriott
Player 7: Nicholas Telscher Player 15: Rachel Milburn
Player 8: Christopher McDowell-Horn  


Marine Alpha
sponsored by:
Collins Oral Surgery
Player 1: Susan Hall Player 9: Kristy Keith
Player 2: Jacob Hall Player 10: Ryan Keith
Player 3: Danny Hall Player 11: Hunter Gilkey
Player 4: Charlie Hall Player 12: Pedro Ramirez
Player 5: Sunny Hall Player 13: Morgan Colvard
Player 6: Jake Hall Player 14: Jeremy Hall
Player 7: Kyle Keith Sr. Player 15: Donnie Hall
Player 8:  Kyle Keith Jr.  


Marine Bravo
sponsored by:
Wireless Trenz

Player 1: Jakob Albright Player 9: Delana Hunt
Player 2: Jakob Albright Player 10: Corbin Hunt
Player 3: Jason Mohler (team sponsor) Player 11: Joseph Bass
Player 4: Harold Letner Player 12: Connor Stahl
Player 5: Daniel Letner Player 13: Ronald Stahl
Player 6: David Hunt Player 14: John Jones
Player 7: Denae Hunt Player 15: Tony Schmitt
Player 8: Levi Hunt  


National Guard
sponsored by:
Crighton Aesthetic Studio
Player 1: Kyle Hagan Player 9: Luke Huck
Player 2: Chris Stevens Player 10: Caleb Hughes
Player 3: Michael Howard Player 11: Dustin Brenneman
Player 4: Kevin Collier Player 12: Dala Snodgrass
Player 5: Mark Collier Player 13: Jason Gonder
Player 6: Zack Teasel Player 14: Blakeley Hardwick
Player 7: Joe Leclaire Player 15: Matthew Anglin
Player 8: Mason Hartley  


sponsored by:
Parks & Jones Attorney
Player 1: Jeff Graves Player 9: David Stevens
Player 2: Logan Miller Player 10: Caleb Ryan
Player 3: Eric Cyr Player 11: Dustin Reed
Player 4: Justin Cyr Player 12: Curtis DeBoeuf
Player 5: Jared Doty Player 13: Jason Stanek
Player 6: Michael Makes Player 14: Logan Morford
Player 7: Dillon Sperry Player 15: Garrett Cooper
Player 8: Zacgart Wardenburg