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Sign up for Operation: Paintball Warrior

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104.1 KSGF's
Operation: Paintball Warrior
Saturday, September 28th

Read a note from Kortni Tucker about this weekend's event.

It's time for the 7th annual Operation: Paintball Warrior at Paintball Outpost thanks to Ozark Coin. Join 104.1 KSGF on Saturday, September 28th at 7:30am for a full day of paintball fun to raise money for the Springfield Disabled American Veterans (DAV) who help transport disabled veterans for free to the VA clinics and hospitals in the Ozarks.

How It Works:

You pick your team: Air Force, Army, Marines, National Guard, and Navy.

Teams are first come first serve. We will try our hardest to get you on your most desired team- but remember the earlier you sign up the more likely you are to get on the team of your choice.

How do I sign up to play:
Click here to download the official registration form and liability waver*.
Participants must be 10 years of age or older to play.
*If you have played in previous years, you must still fill out the liability waver.

Cost to play:
Pre-registration (through Wed. Sept 25 at Noon):
$40- Single player
$75- Pair of players**
$385- Team of 12 players

Day of Event (if available):
$55- Single player
$100- Pair** of two players

**Pair consists only of a parent/child, husband/wife, siblings, or cousins.

You can pay by cash, check (Make payable to "Disabled American Veterans", or Paypay (must be exact- no change)

The Day of the Event:
Check in for all pre-registered players begins at 7:30am at Paintball Outpost (310 N. Karnage Lane, Springfield, MO 65802-1-44 & Chestnut Exp).  The games will begin at 8:30am. Please be there as early as possible!

If you have not pre-registered, please arrive at 7:50am. You will be required at that time to fill out a registration form, liability waver, and make payment (Cash or Check only). Remember, that if you have not pre-registered for the event you are not guaranteed that you will be able to play depending on the number of pre-registered participants.

All players who participate in Operation: Paintball Warrior 2013 will receive a free long-sleeve t-shirt thanks to Bluedog Graphix.  (Color correlates with the team you will be assigned to. Player will be required to wear the shirt during the games.)

In addition, breakfast will be provided for FREE by Chick-fil-a and lunch will be provided by Richard's Hawgwild in Aurora

It is highly suggested that you bring your own beverages for the day. Coolers are acceptable. There will also be beverages for purchase at Paintball Outpost. Alcohol is not permitted and you will be removed from the game if you are suspected of bringing in any alcoholic beverage.  No glass bottles are allowed.

All 7 teams will play round-robin games of capture the flag. Each game will be 10 minutes in length and a list of the games will be posted at each teams headquarters the day of the event. (The bracket will not be posted prior to the day of the event.)

When you sign up to participate, that will include your gun rental, Co2 thanks to Paintball Outpost, and 1,000 free paintballs thanks to Earth Outdoor TacticalIf you have your own paintball gun and/or equipment you are strongly encouraged to bring it however, all guns will be regulated the day of the event for equal pressure. Additional paintballs can be purchased at Paintball Outpost. $18.00 for 500 rounds and $55 for 2,000 rounds.

Rain Date:
If for some reason the game is delayed due to rain the event will be rescheduled for the next day Sunday, September 29th. The game will continue as planned in all weather expect for lightning and/or hail.

The Winning Team:
If your team is the winner of Operation: Paintball Warrior 2013 your names will be engraved on a traveling trophy that will be placed in a location determined by the team's captain (one of the 2 assigned military players).

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact: Kortni Tucker at: or 417-447-1628

Team Rosters:
Yellow spots indicate openings

Air Force
sponsored by:
Ozark Shooters

Player 1: Ryan Crouch Player 9: Robert Willis
Player 2: Brittany Crouch Player 10: David Roush
Player 3: Baily Crouch Player 11: Jon Roberts
Player 4: Josh Hessee Player 12: Taylor Roberts
Player 5: Leisa Hessee Player 13: Micah Burks
Player 6: Jeff Hessee Player 14:
Player 7: Robert Barkdoll  
Player 8: Robert Gilkerson  


Army Aplha
sponsored by:
Fellers Fixtures
Fellers Logo
Player 1: Captain- Brian Russell Player 9: Jonathan Jacoby
Player 2: Captain- Justin Fanatina Player 10: Sam Goodman
Player 3: Jim Webb Player 11: Wesley Severns
Player 4: Jason Pyle Player 12: Shane Severns
Player 5: Joseph Pyle Player 13: Cory Henningsen
Player 6: Jeremy Clarkson Player 14: Logan Crews
Player 7: Heath Chandler  
Player 8: Grant Bolton  


Army Bravo
sponsored by:
Delta Roofing
Player 1: Captain- Matthew Miller Player 9: Michael Manes
Player 2: Captain- Steven Smith Player 10: Eric Cyr
Player 3: Hunter Davis Player 11: Justin Cyr
Player 4: Matthew Poe Player 12: Jakob Albright
Player 5: Andrew Poe Player 13: Jarod Albright
Player 6: Jordan Poe Player 14:
Player 7: Simon Poe  
Player 8:  Ian Poe  


Marine Alpha
sponsored by:
Canovi & Associates
 Canovi Logo
Player 1: Rebekah Meinsen Player 9: Donnie Hall
Player 2: Jim Meinsen Player 10: Josiah Williams
Player 3: Susan Hall Player 11: Jason Elmore
Player 4: Jeremy Hall Player 12: David Hein
Player 5: Jacob Hall Player 13: Gabe Lutero
Player 6: Morgan Clovard Player 14: Ian Palmer
Player 7: Charlie Hall  
Player 8: Danny Hall  


Marine Bravo
sponsored by:
Locke Supply
Player 1: Kelly Day Player 9: Clifford Bohnstedt
Player 2: Paul Chavez Player 10: Derrick Masters
Player 3: Rob Phillips Player 11: Delana Hunt
Player 4: Paul Mitchell Player 12: Corbin Hunt
Player 5: Jason Harrell Player 13: Marcus Wilson
Player 6: Randy Ganaden Player 14: Nathan Altic
Player 7: Samuel Day  
Player 8: Dustin Spellman  


National Guard
sponsored by:
Mike's Unique
Player 1: Captain- Matt Chapman Player 9: Christina Behl
Player 2: Captain- Chad Lawrence Player 10: Jeffrey Behl
Player 3: Nicholas Telscher Player 11: Christopher McDonwell-Horn
Player 4: Clinton Scanlon Player 12:
Player 5: Jackson Scanlon Player 13:
Player 6: Damian Payne Player 14:
Player 7: Jasn Murrill  
Player 8: Anton Goodfriend  


sponsored by:
Downstream Casino
Player 1: Captain- Vince Gochenauer
Player 9: Connor Stahl
Player 2: Captain- Jeff Graves Player 10: Ronald Stahl
Player 3: Zachary Wardensburg Player 11: Jones John
Player 4: Dillon Sperry Player 12: Tony Schmitt
Player 5: Mason Michaelis Player 13: Sydney Gochenauer
Player 6: Charlie Michaelis Player 14: David Alvarado
Player 7: Julio Quezada Jr.  
Player 8:  Julio Quezada  


Springfield, MO

ENE at 9 mph

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