George Washington's Military Genius

CREATED May 23, 2012

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Guest: Dave R. Palmer

George Washington: Genius or Goat?
Many military historians dismiss George Washington as merely lucky: he won the Revolutionary War by sheer dogged persistence against a half-hearted British enemy that decided the prize wasn’t worth the cost. But this, says Lieutenant General Dave R. Palmer—a combat veteran, former superintendent of West Point, and expert military historian—is simply wrong. Washington’s strategy was suited to his aim and changed with the circumstances of the war—but through it all he practiced the way of the fox. In George Washington’s Military Genius, Lieutenant General Palmer reveals:

- What guided Washington’s boldness in the first year of the war
- How Washington held his army together and built it up—with little or no money and, in the beginning, no allies
- How Washington used European professionals to train his soldiers—and capitalized on the results
- Washington’s keen appreciation for French naval power
- The secret of Washington’s unparalleled moral leadership, without which the war might not have been won

A stirring and provocative military history of the war and George Washington’s leading place in it, George Washington’s Military Genius is sure to enlighten and entertain any reader with an interest in America’s War for Independence.

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This author was featured on KSGF Mornings with Nick Reed on Thursday, June 7th.