Forgotten Tales of Missouri

CREATED Jun 14, 2012

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Guest: Mary Collins Barile

Truth, after all, still remains stranger and more engaging than most legends. And Missouri, of course, leads every other place in truth. Hop aboard Long’s dragon boat or take advantage of 1846 wind wagon technology to plunge into the forgotten tales of this fascinating place. Hobnob cautiously with Stagger Lee, Mike Fink and Calamity Jane and view the chamber pot war from a safe distance. Trade witticisms with Alphonse Wetmore and Mark Twain, the frontier folk who keep us civilized today. If you keep company with storyteller Mary Collins Barile, you’ll even catch a glimpse of the Mississippi River running backward from an earthquake that was all Missouri’s fault.

Listen to Nick's interview with Mary.

This author was featured on KSGF Mornings with Nick Reed on Thursday, June 14th.