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Paul Ryan

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- Nick ReedOnce again, Republicans seemed more excited about the prospect of who the Vice Presidential pick will be than the actual Presidential nominee. From Chris Cristie to Marco Rubio, party faithful seem desperate to have a reason to be enthused. And now the name Paul Ryan has popped up and it has some conservatives pretty excited. There is one problem. Paul Ryan should not be Vice President. Other than waiting to step in should the President become incapacitated, resign or die, the veep only does whatever the President wants. He doesn't have any real power. With Dick Cheny being an exception, the job of vice-president is one of the least important when it comes to running the country.

Paul Ryan has proven to be a powerful force in the U.S. House of Representatives. While he is stuck between a House led by moderate Republicans, a Senate by liberal Democrats and a White House led by a President who believes both to be unnecessary evils, it is understandable that Ryan has yet to see the fruits of his labor. Nonetheless, at a time when conservatives were without a strong voice in Congress, Paul Ryan began to be heard. The last thing that needs to happen now is removing Paul Ryan from his ascension in Congress.

Paul Ryan could do great things as Speaker of the House. That would take a lot of Republicans in Congress putting their necks on the line by betraying party leadership, something few of them like to do. If that weren't to happen, it would still serve Mitt Romney better having a strong voice like Paul Ryan in Congress rather than attending state funerals on his behalf.



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