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My Women’s Only CCW Class

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It probably is no secret that I am a girl with little knowledge on guns. Being conservative, I have been a strong supporter of second amendment rights but have been very nervous to own and operate a firearm myself. With some pushes from those around me such as my grandpa and my friends at KSGF I decided to go for my CCW.

On Monday June 25, I took a women’s only CCW class taught by Stacey Bright of Canovi and Associates. The women’s only class was perfect! There were no boys around to try and “help me” or judge me, and I felt completely safe to talk about my uncertainties and issues with guns. I had a lot of questions and every one was given a detailed answer that did not make me feel stupid for asking. All of the ladies were also full of questions and personal stories that gave the class a comfortable atmosphere.

Stacey was truly knowledgeable and a wonderful instructor. While learning from her I felt completely safe and in the best hands possible. Seeing her carry her weapons was inspiring. In addition to her being personable and easy to talk to, the other students were very friendly natured. I suppose that is Springfield for you.

The classroom portion was very informative. We were given booklets and questions to answer to help us follow along in the course. We took a few 15 minute breaks so that the material was able to be processed and discussed, not just thrown at us in one sitting. They were a chance to ask more personal questions for me regarding my own concerns and past experiences. They also allowed Stacey to tell us personal stories and decisions that made her even more likeable.

During the class we discussed several ways that I have never heard of before, for a woman to conceal her firearm. Two of these are the bra holster and purses designed to hold guns. Stacey does reviews of products like these on Matt Canovi’s gun show on Saturday mornings. Learning about these non-conventional ways of concealing was very exciting. I am a college girl and I like to wear dresses and such. Knowing that I don’t have to have pants and wear a belt with my clip on holster was a real relief. My favorite product was the bra holster or “the flash and bang.” This implies exactly what you are thinking. One must lift up her shirt grab the gun and fire. As Stacey put, the attacker “might die happy.”

The only disappointment of the class was when I learned, and sort of already knew, that you cannot carry your guns on college campuses, libraries, or bars (which is where I spend the vast majority of my time, all three of them not just the bars) To be honest, leaving these places late at night is when I feel most threatened.

The shooting portion of class was very exciting. Stacey took her time with each of us, watching and commenting on our shots. Although I knew I was being tested, I never felt like her presence was judgmental in anyway. Instead, it felt like a friend trying to help me get better and feel more comfortable.

This was an excellent class and I would recommend it to each and every woman, with experience and with none at all. In fact, I already have been suggesting it to my sorority sisters, although it was met with many different reactions.  Learn more about Canovi and Associates.

Intern Molly



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