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An effective "slogan"

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- Nick ReedThe left is masterful at coming up with catchy slogans that don't mean anything.  They do it all the time.  You may recall a little something called "Hope and Change".  Hope for what?  Change to what?  That was never really defined, which I suppose is convenient. We can't really prove the promise wasn't fulfilled if we never really knew what exactly it was in the first place.

Now Obama has a new slogan: "Moving Forward".  It has been pointed out by numerous commentators, and anyone else who has his eyes open, that this slogan(and philosophy) has been wildly poplular with Communists and dictators for some time.  And like all popular liberal slogans, this one doesn't really have any substance.  At the very least one might wonder "Forward" towards what?

Republicans should get into the slogan game on this "Forward" thing. This is a great opportunity to return fire with fire.

In repsonse to "Moving Forward", Romeny needs to declare , "When moving forward towards a cliff, you need to turn around". 

This puts Obama's "Forward" in perspective.  It gives it a reference point.  From the democrats' stand point, "Forward" is just....."Forward".  With "Forward" all by itself, American's aren't forced to ask themselves, "What does that mean?".  "Forward towards what?".  By asserting that we "need to turn around", it forces people to realize that simply moving forward is only a good thing if you are headed in the right direction.  And we are not.



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