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A misunderstanding

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- Nick ReedIn Toulouse France, a near riot has taken place. On Tuesday, a Moroccan artist displayed one of his many works at the “Printemps de Septembre” art festival. It was a piece that portrayed versus of the Koran in calligraphy. The portrayal of the versus was not a problem. The problem was the "canvass". You see, Mounir Fatmi displayed his art by projecting it onto a bridge. People walk on bridges. Therefor, people were walking on the art. The art portrayed the Koran. End result: People were walking on the Koran.

Around 80 Muslims gathered at the bridge to put a stop to such blasphemy. If you haven't picked up on the subtle reaction of Muslims when they get upset, you should know one of the things that bother them is when people walk on the Koran. And by bother them I mean they usually burn things down and try to kill innocent people. Before the crowd could convey its displeasure, the projector was shut off. Nobody was murdered. So it was considered a good day.

France 24 headlined the story as, "Misunderstanding over Islamic art sparks near-riot". That is one way to look at it. But how about this for a headline instead....

"Crazy and intolerant Muslims nearly riot over piece of art"

I love how the media portrays the near-riot as if it was because an artist screwed up and simply "misunderstood" the situation. Of course the near-riot wasn't because of the irrational and barbaric behavior of an intolerant culture. Surely no responsibility lies in that corner. It is the artist. Because he misunderstood.

It makes about as much sense as, "Girl in short skirt sparks near-rape".

Crazy is crazy and we must stop treating crazy as if it isn't.



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