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What are you doing with my cheese?

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- Kortni TuckerI am a cheese freak! I love cheese and love every chance I get to eat as much cheese as possible. Sad, I know. Lately I have been faced with a problem I can’t get over. There is a restaurant that is promoting a new burger and they mention that it has white cheddar. WHAT!?!?

Now I know that cheddar is artificially colored to be yellow, but you know what, I am completely okay with that fact. Thinking that cheddar can be white blows my mind, and to be honest, kinda creeps me out a bit. It almost makes me scared to eat white cheddar because it isn’t normal.

Once again, I fully admit I know that cheddar is artificially colored. I am smart enough to know that cheese comes from milk, and there is no way cows are squirting out yellow stuff. If they did, I would be a little concerned. The funny thing is I am totally fine with cheese like mozzarella, provolone, and feta all being white. It’s just cheddar that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I don’t know why I find the fact of white cheddar so weird? I like white cheddar popcorn and white cheddar mash potatoes; I don’t know why trying this burger causes me so much fear? My biggest concern is that when I knowingly tried white cheddar on a sandwich, it would be slimy and I would be jaded for life when it comes to a cheese I like so much. Totally unfounded, I know.

Just a random thought for a Tuesday that I needed to get off my chest.


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