Must Read- April 11, 2013: Missouri Concealed Carry, White Priviledge, IRS

CREATED Apr 11, 2013

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Missouri Conceal Carry:
The Feds requested Missouri Conceal Carry Weapons (CCW) holders information twice and it was given to them.  Who knew about this and who is trying to cover the story up?  Learn more about this story.

Related to this issue:
Contact Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster and let him know you would like his office to look into this issue.  Then send thank you's to both senators who did the most digging around on this information.

Watch out!  New York is now taking away legal guns from citizens in New York even though they have not broken the law.  Why? Because they took anxiety medication.

White Privilege:
Missouri State University held a "White Privilege" seminar as part of the Public Affairs Conference.  Learn what was talked about during this seminar by speakers:

Related to this issue:
Wisconsin asks volunteers to wear "white privilege" wristbands to remind them how easy they have things.

Author of the Week:
President Franklin D. Roosevelt had a lover, but she was no mystery to his wife.

Carnival Cruise lines lowers their prices because of all of the accidents they have had.  Learn how cheap you can go cruising.

No more need to follow law, the IRS is just going to start reading your information without a warrant.

He did what:
A man in Home Depot picks up two hand saws and starts sawing at both arms.

Read stories we didn't get to this morning:

Always dreamed of doing pot but don't have to worry about getting into trouble.  This Marijuana flavored mayonnaise is just for you.

Liberal Teachers:
University of Southern California teacher caught on camera blasting "stupid" and "racist" Republican "losers."

Politicians Gone Wild:
A Tennessee politician is arrested for masturbating out the car window while driving 90 miles per hour.