Must Read- April 15, 2013: Missouri Concealed Carry, KFC goes boneless, Justin Bieber

CREATED Apr 15, 2013

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Angela Merkel is pushing for wealthy households to pay a new tax on property to pay towards the cost of any future bail-outs for members of the EU.

A Guantanamo Bay detainee is going on a hunger strike and explains to his lawyer his conditions.

Pittbull responds to Jay-Z's "open letter" about his trip to Cuba.

North Korea:
US Secretary of State, John Kerry, wants a peaceful solution to the rising tension in Asia.

Missouri CCW:
It has come out that the Social Security office was able to open the list of names of Missouri Concealed Carry Holders. 

KFC starts a new marketing campaign to push its boneless chicken.

Justin Bieber:
Some are upset about Justin Bieber's comments in a guest book at the Anne Frank Museum.


Things we didn't get to:

Term Limits:
Missouri is looking at adjusting the 16 year maximum term limits for state officials.

President Bush:
President Bush has taken up a new hobby in painting. 

Emergency Zones in MO:
Fees could rise in Missouri under one Senate Bill when it comes to driving in emergency zones.