Must Read- April 16, 2013: Missouri Concealed Carry, Walmart, Common Core

CREATED Apr 16, 2013

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Boston Bombing:
As new information is coming out regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing, the FBI is interviewing a person of interest. 

Secretary of State John Kerry says foreign students are not coming to the United States because they are scared of gun violence.

Petitioners against a new Walmart Neighborhood Market on Grand and Campbell turn in an additional 281 signatures after being 43 short.

Missouri CCW:
Gov. Nixon said they will no longer scan documents related to concealed carry permits.

Brian Long, Director of the Missouri Department of Revenue has resigned after his office is being accused of giving concealed carry permit information to the federal government.

The Social Security office is reversing their statement that they could open the disc with information and names of Missouri concealed carry permit holders.

Missouri Highway Patrol Colonel Ron Replogle does not believe they violated any state laws, however he believes the way Concealed Carry permit owners information was given was not the best way.

Contact Missouri's Attorney General and let him know your thoughts on this issue.

Chris Koster:
Missouri Attorney General, Chris Koster (D), is planning his upcoming run for governor and has reported over $400,000 in his campaign account.

The Environmental Protection Agency admitted to releasing personal information of farmers to environmental groups.

 Things we didn't mention this morning:

Missouri Education/ Common Core:
Common Core standards are coming to Missouri.  The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) will be holding meetings statewide about Common Core.

Missouri Department of Education says it needs more money and is short about a billion dollars.

The City of St. Louis has reduced the penalties for possession of Marijuana.

Caucus Lawsuit:
A Ron Paul delegate was arrested during the St. Charles County 2012 MO caucus. The ACLU has now filed a lawsuit on his behalf.