Must Read- April 18, 2013- Gun Control legislation, Missouri Concealed Carry, Army GI Benefits

CREATED Apr 18, 2013

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Gun Control:
Gun Control legislation was defeated yesterday in the Democrat lead US Senate. President Obama shows his anger in the rose garden on this issue and calls people who were against this bill "liars."

People are starting to be more honest about their thoughts on the 2nd Amendment. Actor Jay Moore thinks the "second amendment must go."

Four percent of Americans in early April believe that gun control is an important issue compared to issues like the economy and healthcare. 

Missouri CCW:
The ATF is now denying that they, along with the Social Security office, asked for the list of Missouri Concealed Carry permit holders.

If you would like to contact your elected officials regarding this issue, here is their contact information.

Missouri Gun Legislation:

Boston Marathon Bombing:

Things we didn't have time to get to:

US Army:
The United States Army is changing the requirements when it comes to transfering your GI bill benefits.

Senator Baucus, who helped write Obamacare, believes that they are not ready for Obamacare to be rolled out to the American people.

Another company is saying that it will have to change the way they staff their business because of the affect of Obamacare.

The 844 page immigration bill is causing a lot of buzz and infighting in the Republican party.

Kansas CCW:
Kansas' governor, Sam Brownback, signed into law concealed carry reform that will allow Kansas residents to carry in city, county and state buildings.  The bill also will open up CCW on campus' starting in 2017.  This bill would also allow K-12 schools to designate individuals to carry CCW.