Must Read- April 19, 2013: Missouri Legislation, Chris Koster, Senator Dixon's new tax

CREATED Apr 19, 2013

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Boston Bombers:
The suspects of the Boston Bombing were caught attempting to rob a 7-Eleven.  After a chase, a dead police officer, stealing an SUV, and throwing explosives, one of the suspects is dead and his brother, the other suspect, is now on the loose.

Missouri Attorney General:
Missouri Attorney General, Chris Koster, is in Ozark after hearing complains about possible violations of state law by the mayor and board of aldermen.

Forecasters are saying the price of your health care could rise up to 80%

Missouri Legislation:
Here are some different pieces of Missouri legislation talked about on today's show with the Locke & Smith Foundation.

Unwarranted Surveillance Act: Establishes the Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act that prohibits the use of a drone or other aircraft to gather evidence or other information with specified exemption.

Private Property Rights: Prohibits the state and all political subdivision from adopting or implementing United Nations or international environmental and developmental policies that infringe or restrict private property rights without due process

Portable Electronics Insurance: Changes the laws regarding portable electronic insurance coverage.

School Officers: Allow school districts to authorize and commission school officers to enforce laws relating to crimes committed on school grounds, at school activities, and on school buses.

Missouri CCW:
Missouri Senator Kurt Schafer will be in Springfield for a public hearing regarding the release of Missouri Concealed Carry permit holders.

Senator Bob Dixon is proposing for Greene County that would impose a tax that would fund preschool.