Must Read- April 22, 2013: Preschool Tax, Missouri Welfare Investigation, Alcohol Distributors

CREATED Apr 22, 2013

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Senator Bob Dixon is proposing for Greene County that would impose a tax that would fund preschool.

The local media in Springfield (KY3 & the News-Leader) is doing a series on why preschool is important and to usher in this new tax.

Smart Phone Insurance:
There is legislation in Missouri that would allow drivers to use smart phones for proof of insurance.  The legislation would also not hold law enforcement responsible if they cause damage to your phone.

A Red Sox player drops an f-bomb on live television when talking about the Boston Bombing and the FCC gives him a free ride on decency rules and fines.

Half-Staff Flags:
President Obama called for flags across America to be flown at half-staff in honor of the Boston Bombing victims.

Missouri Welfare:
Missouri has hired Consulting Group of Boston to move families from the state's based welfare program to the federal disability program.  The firm receives $2,300 for each family moved. There will be an investigation into this program this week.

Alcohol Suppliers & Distributors:
There is a battle in Missouri when it comes to alcohol suppliers and local distributors.

Springfield Homeless:
The Urban District Alliance isn't a fan of nonprofit organization welcoming in homeless and believes they aren't following zoning rules of the downtown.

Marco Rubio is using the Boston Bombing to help justify his immigration reform.

Jeb Bush:
President Bush believes his brother has a proven track record and is the best fit for the White House in 2016.

 Things we didn't get to this morning:

Smoking Bans:
Missouri Representative Kathie Conway wants cities to have to give up tax money if they enact smoking bans.  

Missouri Medicaid:
Medicaid transformation may not happen in Missouri in 2013.