Must Read- April 23, 2013: Missouri Concealed Carry, Greene County Politics

CREATED Apr 23, 2013

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Missouri CCW:
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has received a subpoena to testify in a lawsuit regarding the collecting of documents of concealed carry permit holders in Missouri and giving them to the federal government.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon says at a Springfield Chamber of Commerce meeting that the state is not collecting your Concealed Carry information in a "magic database" and giving it to the federal government.

As Missouri politicians ask for Attorney General Chris Koster's help on this issue, he says he will not look into this issue as Missouri's top "prosecutor" because the facts keep changing when it comes to Missouri's concealed carry permit holders information given to the feds.

  • Attorney General Chris Koster's campaign ad titled "All Prosecutor. No Politics":

Chris Koster:
Missouri's Attorney General, Chris Koster, is planning his upcoming run for governor and has reported over $400,000 in his campaign account.

Pizza Hut/ XBOX:
Pizza Hut is teaming up with XBOX to allow gamers to order food withouth having to quit playing their game.

Boston Bombers:
Pat Buchanan questions if Americans really did win the fight on terrorism when it comest to the Boston Bombing.

Internet Security:
The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act would allow businesses and the federal government to share data without worrying about anti-trust laws.

Greene County Politics:
Greene County may take another credit downgrade for turning in audits late and there are many reasons why the county needs more money.

Pot Smokers:
10,000 pounds of garbage was cleaned up after a pot party on 4/20 in San Francisco.

 Things we didn't get to this morning:

TV Anchor Profanity:
North Dakota television anchor AJ Clemente was fired on his first day for dropping an f-bomb.

Boston Bombing:
We are getting a look into what it was like to live in Watertown, MA during the search for one of the Boston Bombers.