Must Read- April 24, 2013: Sequestration Military Cuts, Gender Neutral Laws, Internet Sales Tax

CREATED Apr 24, 2013

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Sequestration/ Government Spending:
Military officials are asking to cut certain ships and aircraft to help save the government $5 Billion Dollars, but their requests were denied.

Boston Bombers:
How do the Boston Bombers compare to previous terrorists like Kathy Bouldin who is now a professor at Columbia University.  Does our education system glorify extremists?

The media is reporting that the Boston Bombing suspects listened to Alex Jones' radio show.

It is being reported that Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his family received tax-funded benefits.

The Boston Bomber's mother comments on what is going on.

Kevin Curtis says he was set up by a neighbor in the Ricin case.  The FBI said they could find no evidence to charge Curtis so they released him and dropped the charges.

Ben Affleck:
The organization Live Below the Line is encouraging people to eat on just $1.50 a day so you are reminded of people who live below the poverty line.

Gender-Neutral laws:
The state of Washington spent 6 years making all of the state laws gender-neutral.

Marketplace Fairness Act:
Is the Marketplace Fairness Act taxation without representation?

Rand Paul/ Drones:
Rand Paul said during an interview that he didn't mind drones being used against an imminent threat. Some believe that this is against what he said during his filibuster.

Missouri CCW:
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has received a subpoena to testify in a lawsuit regarding the collecting of documents of concealed carry permit holders in Missouri and giving them to the federal government.

Things we didn't get to this morning:

A 2011 video from a American-Born spokesman has resurfaced encouraging Al Quaeda supporters to buy guns at gun shows.

Sequestration/ Government Spending:
The federal government has given a grant to George Washington University to study voice therapy so transgender people who feel their voice is an obstacle can get help.