Must Read- May 6, 2013: Springfield council on Walmart, Common Core in Missouri, Benghazi

CREATED May 6, 2013

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The administration is still trying to blame Benghazi on a video made by an American, but whistle-blowers are calling out the administration and revealing new info.

The Great Gatsby:
The Great Gatsby is coming to the theaters on Friday and KSGF has free tickets to VIP social night at the Ozark B&B Theater's Marquee Suites.  Nick & Kortni wonder if Baz Luhrmann's interpretation will be widely accepted by the general public.

After a signature petition was submitted to the Springfield council, they will decide what will happen to a new Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Springfield council will vote tonight to use a tax incentive for a proposed development that would be around the area of Sunshine and West Bypass.  These business developers chose this location because of the heavy foot traffic to the Walmart.

Common Core/ DESE:
The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education held meetings last week on Common Core around the state.

There are different pieces of Missouri legislation that deal with Common Core.

View videos of the Springfield DESE meeting on Common Core.

There is a group that is working on educating citizens against Common Core in Missouri.

Several states that implemented Common Core are pulling away from the standards.