Must Read- May 20, 2013: IRS Probes Prayer, Poo in Pools, Twitter will Damn Your Soul

CREATED May 20, 2013

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Marketplace Fairness Act:
The Marketplace Fairness Act has passed the Senate and goes to the House of Representatives for a vote.  Is this bill really fair and are there different ways to go about taxing sales on the internet that would be more fair? 

IRS Scandal:
More info continues to be revealed when it comes to the IRS giving special scrutiny to certain groups for a tax exempt status.

Employees at the IRS are saying that the targeting of Tea Party groups was not rogue agents but directives that came from the top. 

Justice Department Scandal:
Fox New's chief Washington correspondent, James Rosen, has been followed since 2009 when the government believed he had access to more information than he should have. Learn what happened to him.

Public Pools:
CDC said that 58% percent of samples from metro-Atlanta polls contained E. Coli.

Springfield Public Schools:
The Springfield Public School district was awarded a conservation department grant that helped it inventory the trees on the school campus'.

 Things we didn't get to:

The use of Twitter in Saudi Arabia has skyrocketed.  Now the countries top clerk is saying that citizens that use Twitter are risking damnation.