Must Read- May 23, 2013: Drones Killing Americans, Islamic Machete Beheading, Waffle House Index,

CREATED May 23, 2013

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Tornado Shelters:
Many people have different scenarios as to why there aren
't more storm shelters in homes and public places.

Nixa is looking for more help when it comes to manning their storm shelters.  FEMA requires them to be open during tornado watches.

Waffle House Index:
After a disaster hits a city, FEMA agents goes to the Waffle House to unofficially determine the disaster damage.  There are three levels to this plan.

Drone Strikes:
The Obama administration is admitting they have killed four Americans in drone strikes without a trial. President Obama is going to make a statement today about drone strikes.

Islamic Hacking:
In London, Muslim extremists took a machete to a British soldier trying to cut his head off.

Author of the Week:
America spends 50 percent more on health care than other developing countries. Are we getting our health care value for the money we spend?

Keystone Pipeline:
The House of Representatives approved a bill saying that a presidential permit is not needed to approve the Keystone pipeline.