Must Read- May 30, 2013: Fair Grove Mayor Impeached, Greene County Law Tax, I Hate This Country

CREATED May 30, 2013

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  • A Greene County Sheriff's vehicle Image by Jim C Arnott Facebook Page

A man is now facing criminal charges for shooting a pit bull after a pack of three dogs began to attack a young boy. The man is now donating money, raised for his fine to the kid.

Fair Grove Impeachment:
Fair Grove Mayor, Tim Smith, was quickly impeached after the last Fair Grove Board of Alderman meeting.  Smith, and council member Dennis Frame were both shocked by the impeachment and questions still remain as to why Ray Cook and Sherry Veach made the movement.

Greene County Law Tax:
Greene County Presiding Commissioner Jim Viebrock has a plan to keep Greene County Law Enforcement Tax money for Greene County.

Common Core:

Federal Employees:
While on furlough, federal employees may become eligible for unemployment benefits.

Terry Holdbrooks, a guard at Guantanamo, converted to Islam in 2003 after talking to detainees. He is now asking for prisoners to be released.

Author of the Week:
It was never the intention of the Founders to drive religion out of the public square with the First Amendment, but secular liberals have deliberately misinterpreted the establishment clause to serve their own ends: the de-Christianization of Western civilizatio. 

Adam Levine:
After two contestants on "The Voice" were kicked off Maroon 5 front-man, Adam Levine, exclaimed "I hate this country."

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Michelle Obama:
Speaking at a Democrat event for US Senate candidate Ed Markey, Michelle Obama told people to keep writing President Obama checks, and max out.