Must Read- May 31, 2013: Springfield Walmart Lawsuit, Glenn Beck Visit

CREATED May 31, 2013

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Springfield Walmart:
Life 360 Church has filed a lawsuit against the City of Springfield for stopping the sale of their property to Walmart.

Glenn Beck:

Newly elected city council member Fishel is holding a meeting at Dan Kinney Family Center regarding Pseudophedrine.

Missouri Legislation:
The Locke & Smith Foundation analyzes the constitutionality of Missouri State Legislation

The Locke & Smith Foundation is teaming up with KSGF to hold a Personal Privacy and the Law Seminar on Thursday, June 13th.

House Bill 79- Creates the Missouri International Business Advertising Fund to be used to attract international businesses to Missouri

House Bill 55- Authorizes a tax amnesty program

House Bill 457- Specifies that anyone providing medical services cannot be required to perform or participate in activities that violate his or her conscience or principles

House Bill 334- Exempts farm work performed by children under 16 years of age from certain child labor requirements

House Bill 112- Establishes a statutory cause of action, replacing the common law action, for damages against a health care provider for personal injury arising out of the rendering of or failure to render health care services

House Bill 315- Requires a health carrier that provides coverage for prescription eye drops to cover a refill without regard to a restriction for an early refill if it is authorized by the prescribing health care provider

House Bill 346- Prohibits any contract between a health carrier or health benefit plan and a dentist from requiring a fee schedule established by the insurer if the services are not covered under the plan

House Bill 34- Changes the way that the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations determines the prevailing hourly rate of wages on public work projects

Coke has released a new sharable can that splits in two.

  • Coke can splits into two for sharing. (CNet)

We are learning about six different terror attacks in Libya before the attack in September.  One of these events listed included an attack on the British Ambassador.

US officials told a hospital to list US ambassador Stevens as "John Doe" on his death certificate. 

Coors Light:
Puerto Rican activists are upset about Coors Light's themed beer can.  They believe it disrespects their flag. The New York Attorney general now is doing an investigation.