Must Read- June 4, 2013: Sharia Law in MO, Pseudoephedrine Prescriptions, Taco-Licking

CREATED Jun 4, 2013

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Sharia Law:
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed Senate Bill 267 that would stop Sharia Law from being used in Missouri courts.

Here are examples of how Sharia Law is being used in courts across America.

Springfield Assault:
Two Saudi Arabian students are being held in Greene County Jail after being accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting her at an apartment.

IRS Scandal:
Six conservative groups will discuss at a house hearing how they were targeted by the IRS.

A Springfield city council meeting was held to take comments from the community regarding forcing citizens to get a prescription for pseudoephedrine

Taco Bell:
An alleged California Taco Bell employee licked a stack of tacos and posted the photo online. There are shocks and concerns about Taco Bell. 

MSNBC President Phil Griffin told the New York Times they are not the place for breaking news and that isn't their long-term solution for their dropping ratings.

UN Treaty:
Secretary of State John Kerry says he will sign the UN treaty on arms regulations.

Access to Obama:
An LA car salesman wrote a check for $32,400 so he can talk to President Obama at a "private off-the record" Democratic fundraiser.

Israel's Secret Missile Facility:
The Obama administration has provided Israel's enemies with specific details of inside information on how Israel's missile facility could be attacked.

has released new numbers on how much health care insurance will cost Americans under Obamacare.

Two-Thirds of people questioned about Obamacare said they don't know if they will get health insurance.  The CBO has announced that under Obamacare 30 million Americans will not get insurance.