Must Read- June 6, 2013: Verizon Data Mining, Giving Meters, Free "Gas"

CREATED Jun 6, 2013

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Giving Meters:
Specially decorated retired parking meters have been put up randomly downtown for people to put money in.  This money will be donated to social services.

Other cities are doing the same thing.  Here are some of their results.

Taco Bell:
We are learning that the Taco Bell taco-licker was using the taco shells as part of a training competition.  The employee got fired for putting the picture on the internet.

Charging Station:
Springfield has installed a new free charging station for electric cars.  This charging station is being paid for by the environmental resources center.

Phone Tapping:
Verizon, buy court order under the Patriot Act, has been required to daily turn over information on American citizens to the National Security Agency (NSA).

There are so many government appointees that are not elected that they are becoming their own branch of government.

A man runs over a small kid to try to catch a ball.

Author of the Week:

Lung Transplant:
A federal judge has ordered Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary, to allow a 10-year-old to be put on a list for a lung transplant.

Mike Morgan, an OK television weatherman, is being criticized for telling people if they are in the path of the tornado to leave their house.

Cattle Baron's Ball:
August 17th is the American Cancer Society's 5th annual Cattle Baron's Ball.