Must Read- June 7, 2013: Missouri Legislation, PRISM, Obamacare

CREATED Jun 7, 2013

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40 immigrants will take the oath of US citizenship today in Springfield.

The government has been collecting online data on Americans through a program called PRISM.

Missouri Politics:
The Locke & Smith Foundation analysis the constitutionality of Missouri legislation.

HB253- Changes the laws regarding the streamlined sales and use tax agreement, tax amnesty, the community development district tax, income tax, sales and use tax, use tax nexus, and the transportation development tax

SB267- Specifies how courts may rule in contractual disputes involving the law of other countries and jurisdictional issues involving other countries

SB376- Allows hospital districts to permit higher education institutions to use space for health care education or training

SB324- Regulates the sale of travel insurance and establishes a limited lines travel insurance producer licensure system

SB306- Allows the Board of Pharmacy to test the drugs possessed by licensees

HB68- Designates the month of November as "Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month" and the last week in October as "Respiratory Syncytial Virus Awareness Week" in Missouri

SB80- Requires the Missouri Board of Nursing Home Administrators to notify, instead of mail, an applicant when it is time for license renewal

In a press conference Thursday, Nancy Pelosi explained that she never promised that people's insurance costs would go down under Obamacare.

Flashback: In 2012 on Meet the Press Nancy Pelosi promises lower rates for everyone.