Must Read- June 11, 2013: Greene Co. Sheriff, Rubio on Immigration, Fair Grove Impeachment

CREATED Jun 11, 2013

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  • A Greene County Sheriff's vehicle Image by Jim C Arnott Facebook Page

Fair Grove Impeachment:
The Fair Grove Mayor, Tim Smith, has filed a lawsuit against four aldermen member for an impeachment. A Greene County judge has ordered a stop to impeachment proceedings due to a violation of the sunshine law.

On May 28th, the Fair Grove Board of Alderman voted 4-1 to impeach the mayor Tim Smith.

Greene Co. Sheriff/ CCW:
Greene County Sheriff Arnott has reversed an order he made last week saying that his office would no longer take Conceal Carry applicant that were trained outside of Greene County.

Last Week Greene County Sheriff Arnott announced their office would no longer take CCW applicants who were trained outside of Greene County.

NSA Leak:
Edward Snowden leaked that the NSA was monitoring Americans.  He fled to China after the information was released, and now he has gone missing.

Different politicians are throwing their thoughts out regarding this leak.

The Washington Post and Pew Research teamed up to ask Americans about their thoughts on NSA tracking phone records. 56% consider this "acceptable."

George Orwell's "1984" hit it's 60th anniversary last week.  Sales of the book are up 69% on Amazon.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) explains why he thinks the immigration reform proposed by the Gang of Eight fails to live up to every promise it makes.

In a Spanish Univision interview on Sunday Marco Rubio said legalization is going to happen for 11 million immigrants.