Must Read- June 12, 2013: Immigration Debate, Marijuana Report, Joplin Tornado

CREATED Jun 12, 2013

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Immigration Debate:
The immigration debate heats up in DC. 

Marijuana Arrests:
According to federal data compiled by the ACLU, blacks are four times more likely to be arrested due to possession of marijuana.

Bush vs. Obama:
In a new Gallup poll, President Bush has pulled above President Obama in favorability.

Joplin Tornado:
A new engineering report is showing that 83% of the Joplin tornado damage was created by wind speeds of 135mph or less. This is equivalent to an EF2.

Collecting DNA:
Drivers stopped at a Alabama roadblock were asked to volunteer their saliva and blood for up to $50 for a study being conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation.

NSA Leak:
Ron Paul, during a Fox Business News interview, said he is worried that the US government may use a drone on NSA leak Edward Snowden.

The White House has admitted to killing four Americans using drones.

State Department Scandal:
The State Department is being accused of covering up multiple things including: sex with minors, prostitution, and drugs.

 Things we didn't get to this morning:

An English homework students, some as young as 14, were asked to write a goodbye letter justifying why they had committed suicide.