Must Read- June 13, 2013: GOP on Immigration, Whites Only, Spying President

CREATED Jun 13, 2013

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NSA Leak:
When Edward Snowden went missing, the government began looking for him... even before it was revealed he was the leak of the NSA program PRISM.

Many people are having a problem trying to figure out if Edward Snowden is a criminal who committed an act of treason, or a whistle-blower trying to inform the public of what the government is doing to everyday Americans.  Rand Paul thinks he committed an act of "civil disobedience."

Before President Obama was elected into office, Joe Biden had quite a bit to say about the NSA.

Ann Counter gives her thoughts on the immigration debate going on in America today.

Senator Marco Rubio is getting heat from conservatives for his thoughts on the immigration plan.

Speaker John Boehner can stop this immigration legislation.  Here is how you can contact him.

Greene Co. Sheriff/ CCW:
Greene County Sheriff Arnott has reversed an order he made last week saying that his office would no longer take Conceal Carry applicant that were trained outside of Greene County.

Last Week Greene County Sheriff Arnott announced their office would no longer take CCW applicants who were trained outside of Greene County.

Pregnancy Care Center:

Author of the week:

Media & Administration:
Here's a list of top media people that have ties to someone in the Obama administration.

Things we didn't get to this morning:

Whites Only:
Two women ran across a "whites only please" note on a "for rent" sign in the Springfield Roundtree neighborhood.

Public School:
Remington Reimer says the Joshua High School principal, Hiram Sasser, threatened to write a letter to ruin his appointment to the Naval Academy.  Reimer's mic was cut during his valedictorian speech earlier this year when he mentioned Jesus.