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- Kortni TuckerWhen I meet new people who listen to the station, one of the first questions I hear is "what do you do after the show?" 

One of the many things I have to do after the show is work on the website.  I add content, sit in meetings looking over the numbers, and partake in brainstorming meetings about new ideas. 

Basically, one of my main jobs after the show is to get you on the website.  Once you are there, it is my job to get you to look at more pages, and stay on the website as long as possible.  The better the numbers, the better my yearly review.  (So, if you love me... you will visit more, and longer!)

That being said, I was trying to figure out something to do on the website this summer that would be fun for you.  The best thing I could think of, was to make fun of myself.... so, I am going to participate in #ThrowbackThursday for the next few weeks on our website.

If you haven't heard of #ThrowbackThursday, or #TBT, basically it's a social media thing where you post really old pictures of yourself.  For what reason, who knows?!?!  Why am I doing it?  Well, frankly so I can get you guys to come to the website... so I can get a better yearly review.  Is it a little selfish, maybe, but at least you will get a good laugh every Thursday at my expense!

Take a look at this week's pictures here

PS... if you have request, or want to see something in particular, let me know in the comment section below.

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