Must Read- June 18, 2013: Miss UT, Obama Phone, Jail for Voter Fraud

CREATED Jun 18, 2013

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Miss Utah:
Miss USA, Marissa Powell, stole the show during the 2013 pageant with her answer on women as the primary earners in 40 percent of American households.

Former St. Joseph County Democrat Chairman, Butch Morgan Jr., was sentenced to one year behind bars for ballot fraud in the 2008 Obama/ Clinton primary in Indiana.

In a vote of 7-2, the Supreme Court ruled that an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship is not legal.

Obama Phones:
James O'Keefe had undercover plants pose as low-income citizens getting their free "Obama Phones" and saying they want it so they can sell it for other things.

Farm Bill:
The Farm Bill is 1,198 pages long and includes help for sushi rice, insurance for alfalfa, and a marketing plan for Christmas trees.

Secret Foods:
Many restaurants chains have items they sale that are not listed on their menu.

Computer Hacking:
CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson believed her work computer had been compromised after her investigation into Benghazi as well as Fast & Furious.  We know know more details about this story.

NRA Shirt:
An 8th grade in West Virginia was charged with disruption and faces jail time after he refused to remove a NRA shirt he was wearing.

Things we didn't get to:

Senator Elbert Guillory:
Louisiana state Senator Elbert Guillroy annouced in a Youtube video why he is leaving the Democrat party to join the Republican party.