Must Read- June 20, 2013: Greene Co. Budget, Obama Alerts, Taliban

CREATED Jun 20, 2013

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Diane Feinstein, Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has asked the Obama administration to stop force-feeding Guantanamo detainees.

Immigration Debate:
Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan believes our immigration system is broken and a reform bill would help the problem.

The bipartisan Gang of Eight will add stronger border security in their immigration bill.  The announcement will be made today.

Hillary Clinton:
Missouri Senator McCaskill, who chose President Obama over Hillary Clinton in 2008, is now backing Clinton for the Democrat presidential candidate for 2016.

Obama Alerts:
If you are an AT&T customer, you could soon get alerts from President Obama on your phone... and you won't be able to opt out of these messages.

Greene County Budget:
Greene County Associate Commissioner, Roseann Bentley, wrote an op-ed regarding the county budget shortfalls and her thoughts.

Author of the week:
Each week KSGF's Nick Reed chats with an author about their book.  This week's book is a children's book about Ronald Reagan.

Karzai walked out of a meeting regarding peace talks in Afghanistan because of the friendly relationship between the US and the Taliban.

FBI director, Robert Mueller, admitted in hearing on Wednesday that drones are used on Americans to monitor people.

The CEO of the AP told an audience at the National Press Club that the Obama Administration has scared sources into silence.