Must Read- June 24, 2013: Snowden, "Smart" Pill, Transgender first-grader

CREATED Jun 24, 2013

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NSA Leak/ Snowden:
Edward Snowden is on the move.  The US government is trying to track him down and have him sent back.  Other countries don't seem to be cooperating.

A Rolling Stone contributor who claimed the US government was onto him for a story he was going to leak, died in a car crash after sending an email to colleagues. 

New York Human Rights Commission:
The owner, and his wife, of a Welsh pub in New York was hauled before a Human Rights commission after looking for staff with knowledge of Britain.  They paid a fine of $2,500 and they, along with their staff, have to participate in discrimination training. 

"Smart" Pill:
The FDA has a new computer chip pill that is ingested and transmits a signal that can be read by technology to verify individuals identity.

Springfield Murder:
A mother and daughter researched the best ways to kill family members and began killing family members with antifreeze.

Transgender First-Grader:
Coy, first-grader who was born a boy, but would like to be a girl, won the battle to use the girls restroom.

Immigration Bill:
The immigration bill is set to come to a vote. 

Hostess is set to release Twinkies back on the shelves starting July 15th.

Paula Deen:
Paula Deen has admitted to using the "n" word during a deposition.  Since then, Food Network has come out saying they will not renew her contract. 

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