Must Read- June 25, 2013: Climate Change, Snowden, Illegals

CREATED Jun 25, 2013

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Missouri Republicans:
Missouri Republicans met for their quarterly meeting and discussed the best ways to reach out to Latinos.

Climate Change:
President Obama will introduce new regulations to limit carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plans to help reduce climate change.

After a $700,000 legal settlement due to a lawsuit, the two McDonald's that sold halal food will stop doing so.

Edward Snowden/ NSA Leak:
Edward Snowden is still on the run from the American government.  Reports are coming out of Russia that he never showed up there and that Hong Kong may have aided him out of the country.

Illegal Immigrants:
The gang of eight immigration bill would allow illegals who committed up to three misdemeanors (including, but not limited to: assault, battery, identity or document fraud, and tax evasion) to remain eligible.

Springfield Traffic:
There will be a meeting today in Springfield with the Federal Government regarding the cities traffic system.

Kids and Sex:
A 13-year-old special needs student's family is suing after the boy was allegedly sexually assaulted by an 8th grader.

The Health & Human Services Department has revealed who will have access to your health care records under Obamacare and for how long.