Must Read- July 2, 2013: Librarians for Obamacare, Scanning Documents, Congress Voting From Home

CREATED Jul 2, 2013

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  • West side view of the United States Capitol against a blue sky. Image by Jonathan P. Larsen/Diadem Images

The American Librarian Association has agreed to help Americans understand Obamacare

Criss Angels:
Fans of Criss Angel had to wait a little longer than expected during his visit to Springfield yesterday when he made elephants disappear.

Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell of California is proposing to let congress vote for legislation from their home district.

Zimmerman Trial:
George Zimmerman's social security number was made public during the trial due to a broadcast on CNN.

Over the past, several have tried to make their influence on the American people on the Zimmerman trial.

Ozark Empire Fair:
Springfield council is deciding if alcohol sales should be allowed during the Ozark Empire Fair.  Permission was granted last year to allow sales at other events held at the fairgrounds.

Police Shoot Dog:
WARNING: video is graphic. A dogs owner is arrested after a confrontation. The police shot the mans dog after he jumped out of the car.

Things we didn't get to this morning:

MO Scanning Documents:
Governor Nixon signed into law Missouri Senate Bill 252 which halts the scanning and retention of all documents by the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR).