Must Read- July 3, 2013: Kidnapping Arrest, Romeny Wanted Out, Rubio with Hispanics

CREATED Jul 3, 2013

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  • - Ann and Mitt Romney at campaign event Image by Ann Romney Facebook Page

The employer mandate in Obamacare has been pushed back a year from previous plans.

Harmony Blue Kidnapping:
Cynthia Brown has been arrested after stealing a car in March, on Commercial Street, that had a 1-year-old inside of it.  She then hit a car with the stolen vehicle, freaked out, and then ran.

Harmony Blue was the child inside the car that was kidnapped by Cynthia Brown.

Katie Couric:
Katie Couric is worried she will no longer be taken seriously by her fellow journalists like Matt Lauer and Diane Sawyer after the new direction of her gossip-centric show Katie.

National Intelligence Director:
James Clapper, the Director for National Intelligence is apologizing for his false testimony during a committee hearing in April.

State Department:
The State Department's Bureau of International Information Programs spent $360,000 between 2011 and 2013 to increase their "likes" on Facebook.

Mitt Romney:
A new book, "Collision: 2102," is revealing a picture that Mitt Romey wasn't excited about running for President. In 2010 his family took a vote about his presidential run.  The vote was 10-2 against him running, one of those "no" votes was Romney himself.

Marco Rubio:
After Marco Rubio's support for an immigration bill, his support with Hispanics has only increased by 1%

The Muslim Brotherhood has asked Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to step down.  The military has told the president to get order, or they will take care of things their own way.