Must Read- July 5, 2013: National Blueway, MO Medicad, Workers Compensation

CREATED Jul 5, 2013

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National Blueway System:
After complaints from residents in Missouri and Arkansas, the federal government has rescinded the White River Blueway designation.

Missouri Medicaid:
Governor Nixon signed a $147 million contract with EngagePoint out of Florida for web-based enrollment for Medicaid.

Missouri Compensation Bill:
Gov. Nixon vetoed Senate Bill 34 which would have created a database of all Missouri worker who have filed for workers compensation claims. He said it would have invaded Missourians privacy.

More than 85% of Americans polled think they are lucky to be living in America.

Missouri Legislation:
The Locke and Smith Foundation reviews the constitutionality of legislation in Missouri.

House Bill 142- Changes the law regarding utilities

House Bill 148- Establishes the custody and visitation rights of deploying military parent.

Senate Bill 110- Establishes  procedures to follow in child custody and visitation cases for military personnel.

Senate Bill 252- Modifies provisions relating to the Department of Revenue, including provisions that prohibit the department from retaining copies of source documents used to obtain driver's license.

Senate Bill 77- Allows for certain neighborhood youth development programs to be exempted from child care licensing requirements.

Senate bill 73- Modifies provisions relating to the judicial process, including provisions relating to motorcycle brake lights.

The unemployment rate is at 7.6%.  The job rate growth increased in June, but we are learning that jobs are only part-time due to Obamacare regulations.

Darrell Issa:
A new book is releasing information on how the Obama Administration was pushing dirt to the media on Darrell Issa.