Must Read- July 9, 2013: Missouri Welfare, Cardinals Pitchers Mound, Sexual Orientation

CREATED Jul 9, 2013

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Government Assistance:
Governor Nixon signed SB251 to keep people on government assistance from using their welfare cards for things like liquor, casinos, and strip-clubs.

After an investigation last year, it was found that Missouri money was being used in the Virgin Islands casinos, Las Vegas strip clubs, and other places.

A North Carolina woman is pointing out the problems with the food stamp program.  She got on the program when she was unemployed.  Now that she does not qualify she is still allowed to be on the program.

101 Million people are receiving food assistance from the American government.  This is about 1/3 of the population.

Twinkies will now have a shelf life of 45 days when they hit shelves again.  This is 19 days longer than the previous version of Twinkie.  Also, some stores will receive their Twinkies frozen so they will stay fresh longer.

Ender's Game:
Gay Rights activists are boycotting the film "Ender's Game" due to the author's (Orson Scott Card) view on gay marriage.

St. Louis Cardinals:
St. Louis Cardinals General Manager, John Mozeliak, has asked symbols from the pitchers mound be removed after he received a compliant from Michael Vines who was watching the game on television.

Some people are concerned after the General Manager's decision regarding the tribute to Stan Musual, that Christian Family Day may be next.

Sexual Orientation:
The Springfield task force is fearful of the sexual orientation issue to go to the ballot.

Hillary Clinton:
Republicans pointed out Hillary has been in politics since the 70's to show she is a DC insider.  Democrats are turning the GOP's comments to say that they are picking on her age.

The cost of Americans seeking aid for Obamacare has drastically increased.

Musician Marty Hahne has been told by the Feds that he must make an emergency plan for his pet rabbit he uses for magic tricks.