Must Read- July 11, 2013: Fair Grove, Obamacare Delay, Amnesty

CREATED Jul 11, 2013

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Fair Grove:
Things continue to get heated in Fair Grove!  The alderwoman who took was upset about the crime of the Missouri flag replaced by the Gadsden flag may have committed a crime herself.  The Greene County sheriff passes out an email he thinks is written by the acting police chief but won't let him see it till he reads it aloud.  The board then votes to let the sheriff do an assessment of the city.

The Department of Justice sent Community Relations Service members to Sanford to train protesters.  The former police chief says that there was pressure to arrest Zimmerman to please the public.  The judge handling the Zimmerman case sees the writing on the wall when it comes to an acquittal so she may inform the jury of other options for charges against him.

Mayor Stephens Task Force:
Springfield Mayor Bob Stephens has created yet another task force. This one involves Greene County and they will be tasked to figure out budget issues.

Immigration/ Amnesty:
Senator Marco Rubio's popularity is not doing well with more conservative Americans due to his push on immigration reform that includes amnesty.

Representatives say they will kill the immigration bill coming out of the Senate because it is uncostitutional because it creates revenue and bills of this matter must come out of the house.

All 45 Senators have requested to President Obama in a letter for a permanent delay of Obamacare.

An 11-year-old was caught sexting pictures of herself and sending it to people online.