Must Read- Sept. 6, 2013: MO Tax Cut Veto Override, PayPal

CREATED Sep 6, 2013

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Missouri Tax Cut:
HB253- Changes the laws regarding the streamlined sales and use tax agreement, tax amnesty, the community development district tax, income tax, sales and use taxes, use tax nexus, and the transportation development tax. 

Several Republicans are on the fence when it comes to overriding Gov. Nixon's veto of a tax cut in Missouri.

Locke & Smith Foundation:
The Locke & Smith Foundation looks at Missouri legislation and analyzes its constitutionality.

Misosuri Legislation:
HB7- Appropriates money for the expenses and distributions of the departments of Economic Development; Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration; and Labor and Industrial Relations

HB10- Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Mental Health, Board of Public Buildings, and Department of Health and Senior Services

HB19- Appropriates money for capital improvement projects

SB350- Eliminates the renter's portion of the Senior Citizens Property Tax Credit and creates the Missouri Senior Services Protection Fund

PayPal is attempting to streaming making payments in stores easier and cardless.

Jobs Report:
169,000 new jobs were created in August.