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Quick Note About Paintball This Weekend

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- Kortni TuckerA giant thank you! The guys at the DAV are so thrilled about the success of this year’s registration turn out for Operation: Paintball Warrior. This is the BIGGEST year yet and hopefully will be the most fun year!

Because of this year’s success, we already have the green light to do this again next year. We always try to play on the last Saturday in September, so go ahead and mark your calendar for Saturday, September 27th, 2014.

Don’t forget to be at Paintball Outpost this Saturday! We start the check-in process at 7:30am. I know the past 6 years people show up super early and start lining up. To be honest, there’s no need to be there before 7:30am. There’s no advantage to be first in line, because you have already signed up to play. However, PLEASE don’t be there any later than 8am!

Paintball Outpost is located at 301 N. Karnage Lane. This is out by the new airport. Take Chestnut Expressway west of West Bypass. You will go past 1-44 (I can’t remember if you go under or over). Then on your left there will be a road that takes you to a side road, take that road and Paintball Outpost will be right there. It’s right next to Deer Lake Golf Course.

The team rosters are pretty solid and I don’t see much moving unless we have a huge problem. View the rosters here. The morning of the event we will post the final roster outside the entry door of Paintball Outpost.

Don’t forget we will be providing you free breakfast and free lunch. We will have enough drinks to cover you during lunch, but not much more. You will get thirsty. Please bring something with you. I have seen jugs of water, I have seen coolers. Please plan accordingly... but no booze and no glass.

A quick message to those of your playing:
If you have your own paintball equipment, please bring it with you! The more people that bring equipment with them, the more people we can have play, and the more we can help disabled veterans.

If you haven’t signed up for paintball yet, but want to play:
Now that the pre-registration time has passed, I know the instinct is to wait till Saturday to turn in your paperwork but I need huge a favor. If you can, please turn in your paperwork to the KSGF office (2330 W. Grand) by Friday at Noon. That would help out SOOOO much!

Because of this year’s huge success, spaces to play are extremely limited. I want to make sure you will be able to play. If you wait till Saturday morning I can’t promise this year that we will have space for you to play. We may just have to turn people away. I don’t want to have to do that, so please, even though you have to pay “at the door” prices, if you register today or Friday… you would have to pay that on Saturday morning, so do me a favor and sign up now. Please don’t make me be the bad guy and tell you that we don’t have a place for you, so turn in your forms ASAP!

See you out at Paintball!!!  A huge thanks to all of our sponsors and the businesses who have helped make this possible.
Kortni Tucker

A quick note for those of you who have never played:

The tournament is set up where every team will get to play ever other team.  Right now we have 7 teams playing, so you are guaranteed to play 6 games minimum.  Teams are capture the flag and last 10 minutes.

How it works: if a team captures the flag during the game it's worth a certain amount of points.  If they get it to the opposite team's camp (or home base) they get an additional amount of points.  Plus, teams get one point for each member of its team who are standing at the end of the game. 

We will be playing on two different fields simultaneously, so 4 teams will be playing at a time.  That means with 7 teams playing, 3 teams will get a break to re-load guns and grab a quick break. 

The top four teams, after all the teams have played each other, will then go into a championship round.  The team with the top score and the team with the 4th top score will play each other.  While at the same time, the 2nd and 3rd top scoreing teams will play each other.  The winners from both of those games will go into the final game for the winner of the tournament. 

Hope that helps you understand a little more what will be happening. 


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