Must Read- April 11, 2014: Sebelius Resigns, Adoptions

CREATED Apr 11, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 11, 2014

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  • Kathleen Sebelius with the website background Image by MGN Online

Kathleen Sebelius:
Kathleen Sebelius make an annoucement that she will be resigning from her position as Secretary of Health and Human Services by the end of the year. 

Alabama congressman Holmes said that white people don't adopt black children and if a white family found out their daughter was having a black baby they would force her to get an abortion. 

A journalist explains his three-day adventure of trying to cancel his Obamacare plan. 

Missouri Politics:
The Locke & Smith Foundation analyzes Missouri legislation for constitutionality. 

HB1939- Exempts any stairway inclined lift owned and operated by a church in the city of Greenfield from safety inspections unless requested by the owner. 

SB988- Requires board members of homeowners associations to be certified by the Commission of Homeowners Association 

HB1976- Prohibits the use of automated traffic enforcement systems beginning August 28, 2014, and allows any political subdivision to complete or terminate any automated traffic enforcement contracts within 1 year 

HB1391- Guarantees the right to conduct and participate in rodeos in this state 

HB1490- Changes the laws regarding academic performance and learning standards in elementary and secondary education  

HB2059- Establishes family intervention orders for the treatment of persons who abuse chemical substances  

Greene County:
Greene County purchased 37-acres in Greene County for over $2.5M.  The gave the land to the parks department for $10 for a 10 year lease so they could create an archery range. 

Joplin Police:
A $733,000 military vehicle, that was used in the war on terrorr, was given to the Joplin Police department.