Must Read- April 15, 2014: MoDot Horns, Bluetooth Trackers, NH Freedom Summit

CREATED Apr 15, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 15, 2014

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  • Official Logo for MoDot Image by Missouri Department of Transportation

New Hampshire Freedom Summit:
Mike Huckabee, when speaking at the New Hampshire Freedom Summit said that maybe residents in North Korea have more freedoms that Americans. 

Donald Trump was talking about Jeb Bush and there were many boos in the crowd. 

Missouri's Department of Transportation will be using "long range acoustic devices" in work zones to get the attention of drivers. 

While MoDot is paying for these LRAD's, earlier in April the Missouri House passed a 1-cent sales tax increase, by a vote of 96-52) for MoDot.  The issue has been sent the Missouri's senate.  The voters will need to pass this in November for it to be implemented. 

Bundy Ranch:
The standoff may be over, but will the federal government just give up?

Harry Reid vows to not give up and this is not over. There is speculation he wants the land for financial gain. 

Springfield Bluetooth Trackers:
Council has a bill in front of them to allow 89 sensors at intersections to track your movement via your bluetooth devices.