Must Read- April 2, 2014: Founding Fathers on Obamacare, Backup Cameras, Nixa Election

CREATED Apr 2, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 2, 2014

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Nancy Pelosi thinks that the Founding Fathers would be grateful for Obamacare because people can pursue happiness now that they don't have to have a job to have health care. 

The White House is now saying that Obamacare sign-ups have hit 7.1 million but some don't believe it. 

Insurance Fraud:
Tina Fey was accused of not paying workers compensation insurance. 

April Fools:
A mom, who works at a college, texted her daughter saying there was a school shooting.  The daughter called the cops after she couldn't get in touch with her mom. 

Car Review Camera:
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now requiring that all vehicles have a rear-view camera starting in May 2018. 

George H.W. Bush:
Democrats are saying that Bush was courageous for raising taxes after he told Americans he would not. 

Nixa Election:
The City of Nixa is asking for $7.8M on April 8th to develop a new park in the city. 

A new study shows that Vegetarians have a higher chance of getting cancer. 

Running might not have the health benefits that we once thought.