Must Read- April 22, 2014: Marionville Mayor, E-Cigarettes, Russian Military

CREATED Apr 22, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 22, 2014

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Marionville Mayor:
Marionville Mayor Dan Clevenger will resign from his office after a meeting on his comments about Jews. 

Lawmakers are going after e-cigarettes. 

While states are talking about banning e-cigarettes, New Jersey is considering taxing them at the same rate they tax tobacco. 

An alcohol expert  is saying that a bottle of wine a day, or 6 pints of beer a day, is not bad for your health. 

The US is offering $58 Million to help Ukraine.

Some thought that Russia's military was running on old technology, but we are learning different. 

The government could soon regulate how much a company could use Photoshop in advertising.