Must Read- April 23, 2014: Nixon Impeachment, Smoking Ban, IRS Bonuses

CREATED Apr 23, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 23, 2014

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Governor Nixon:
Impeachment hearings start today against Governor Nixon.  There are two articles of impeachment against him.  One from State Rep. Nick Marshall regarding the definition of marriage and another from State Rep. Mike Moon over Nixon's failure to fill vacant seats.

Governor Nixon is going around the state trash-talking the tax cut legislation that was passed.

Kansas City Sniper:
Mohammed Pedro Whitaker is being charged for the multiple shootings on Kansas City highways. 

Vice President Joe Biden is in Ukraine.  He had an interesting comment for their political leaders. 

Vice News American journalist, Simon Ostrovsky, has been kidnapped in Ukraine while Vice President Biden was visiting the country. 

John Kerry said that the challenges he faced are harder than those who had to handle the Cold War.

Smoking Ban:
The Branson city council is considering banning smoking in public places. 

IRS Bonuses:
1,146 IRS employees received bonuses.  Over $1 million of those bonus dollars went to employees who didn't pay their federal taxes. 

The New York Police Department asked people to share their photos with NYPD and it didn't go quite like they thought it would.