Must Read- April 4, 2014: Early Voting, Kissing Congressman, Education Money

CREATED Apr 9, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 9, 2014

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  • A man fills out a ballot in a voting booth Image by MGN Online- EPA/LARRY W. SMITH

Early Voting:
A petition is going around Missouri asking for early voting. 

Republicans are helping make the weak parts of Obamacare stronger. 

Kissing Congressman:
The media is making sure that everyone knows that the Republicans Congressman who was caught kissing his staffer was a Christian.  

One local paper is saying McAllister's district manager is the one who leaked the video.

Congressman McAllister is aksing for an FBI probe when it comes to the leak of this video. 

John Boehner:
Speaker Boehner was at a Taco Bell talking about education for kids and he started crying. 

A 40 year study is showing that if you spend more money on education does not mean that we will have better educated children. 

Renewable Fuel Standards:
The EPA is thinking about changes to the RFS (renewable Fuel Standards).