Must Read- April 8, 2014: Smart Car Flipping, Autism Fundraiser Cancelled

CREATED Apr 8, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 8, 2014

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  • Autism puzzle pieces Image by MGN Online

Tax Freedom Day:
You work 111 days for the government.  This is 3 days longer than last year. 

Smart Cars:
There are a group of people who are flipping smart cars in San Francisco for entertainment. 

Autism Fundraiser:
After debate on Autism and vaccinations, Chili's decides to cancel a fundraiser with the National Autism Association. 

Gender Neutral:
The White House is talking about legislation for gender neutral pay while women in government actually get paid less than men. 

New Jersey has created a basketball league where everyone is welcome. 

$75,000 worth of LG TV's were stolen at the 2012 Democrat National Convention. 

The Clintons were accused of taking items from the White House after Bill Clinton's presidency was over.