Must Read- August 14, 2013: Obama Clown, Prescription-Only Pseudoephedrine, Boutique Fuels

CREATED Aug 14, 2013

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  • Meth Amphetamine seized by the DEA in a drug bust Image by DEA, MGN Online

Obama Rodeo Clown:
The NAACP is asking for an investigation into the man who was the Obama clown at the Missouri State fair.

The announcer at the Missouri State Fair has resigned from his school district after the rodeo clown story went viral.

Greg Payne, a Carthage attorney, is talking about running against Billy Long in the Republican primary for the 7th Congressional district.

There have been some questions to law enforcement from Springfield council about why a prescription-only law is needed for Pseudoephedrine.

Senator Roy Blunt:
Senator Blunt has re-introduced the Gas Accessibility and Stabilization act which would allow the EPA to grant waivers for communities to use the gas they have on hand if there is a disruption.

Senator Blunt has recently introduced several government reform bills.

Climate Change Rally:
Organization for Action held a global warming rally in Georgetown... and no one showed up.

CNN is known for making fun of people asking if Obama was born in America, is now asking if Republican Ted Cruz is actually an American.

While speaking at Georgetown University U2's Bono said that capitalism can end poverty.