Must Read- August 15, 2013: Lebanon School District, Part-Timer's Hours Cut, Bin Laden Raid

CREATED Aug 15, 2013

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The death toll has climed to 525 in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood says it's not backing down.

When sequestration was being talked about, the Obama administration began talking about furloughs for government employees.  Some agencies have put furloughs in place, however we are learning they are not as drastic as once discussed.

MO Tax Cut:
The Lebanon Board of Education has called House Bill 253 "fiscally irresponsible."

Speaker Tim Jones is trying to rally the votes for an override of Gov. Nixon's veto on HB 253.

Governor Nixon is out campaigning that his veto on HB 253 was the right thing.

Under Obamacare, any employee who works 30 hours is considered full-time.  Many employees are learning that their company is cutting back their hours to keep them from being full-time employees.

Bin Laden Raid:
The President's "body man" said that Obama was playing Spades during the Bin Laden raid.

China Zoo:
A China Zoo posing a dog as an "African Lion" was exposed when the dog began to bark.

Missouri Republican Assembly:
The Missouri Republican Assembly will be discussing the true cost of freedom this Saturday.

In July the government ran a debt of $98 billion but somehow the debt remained the same at $16,699,396,000,000